My brands aka Avatars:


Why the Avatars? Here's my story:
Passing the real estate exam in 1986 along with  many others. The task was how to find my way.
Listening I heard the phrase,
 "The Real Estate Lady'"® 
and quickly trade-marked the logo and the words.after my long time friend, Gene Payne, a Pulitzer Prize Winning Cartoonist, dashed off the first real estate lady on a napkin. 

Asking for focus on a real estate specialty, 
appeared, Gene drew again, and off she went for a servicemark and up in the air to become
 my super this day.

Seeking to educate myself further, a first with GRI,Graduate Real Estate Institute and the CRS, Certified Residential Specialist and always more CE than required.
And my young brokerage office took the leap and became computerized and fully automated in the late 80's. The community college, CPCC, was the next step taking every computer class to learn about the web, to become my own webmaster.
My great love affair with Charlotte, took shape with which became "Home" for both The Real  Estate Lady® and CondoCanDo® and those websites were spun off later. Gene Payne then drew the baseball field and each of the players playing ball and being the tourguides for the ANGELS, our baseball team at WinWin Park! Rebuilding as time permits. The love affair continues.

Lynnsy Logue, Broker
Blogs and Podcasts
It somehow makes sense these should be on my radar, I am a media person and grew up in a newspaper where hot type was the means, in broadcasting before there were a proliferation of delivering programs and, of course, these have appeal and I love writing and taking pictures and continually discovering a place I love so much doing what I like a lot.
Both Blog and Podcast go back to 2006 and the Archives are searchable...there is a quiet period
you will learn...back and going strong. Stay tuned. It's going to be rocky and fun as 
the fourth decade begins for me and my avatars!
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Lynnsy Logue, The RealEstateLady®/CondoCanDo®
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